How are you coming with your entry for the 2012 Get Rich Slowly video contest? Entries have begun to trickle in, but as in past years, there haven’t been many submissions through the first ten days. That means the folks who have entered already enjoy great odds of winning the $250 early bird prize.

Note: Anyone who submits a video before this Sunday is eligible for the Early Bird Award. If you want a chance at this bonus, submit your video by Saturday, March 31st.

As a reminder:

  • Entries are accepted between today and April 15th.
  • You can enter one two-minute video in each of two categories: Success Stories and Personal Finance Tips.
  • The winner of each category will receive $500. Runners-up will receive books.
  • As always, if you have a website and tell us about it, you’re eligible for the $500 Website Award.

Just for kicks (this isn’t a contest entry), my colleague Flexo from Consumerism Commentary made a short video sharing his most important personal finance tip:

The contest is easy to enter: Simply create a video of less than two minutes, upload it to YouTube, and then let us know about it. I’m the sole judge, and I’ll pick my favorite videos and announce winners by May 1st.

You can share a video from your own YouTube account or upload the video through the Get Rich Slowly contest page, but in both cases you’ll need a YouTube account. For complete info, check out the 2012 Get Rich Slowly video contest homepage. Good luck, everyone, and have fun.

Note: Want to see what readers have done in the past? Here are the 2011 GRS Video Contest Winners and 2010 GRS Video Contest Winners.

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