After a couple of hours spent watching the entries, and after consulting with my special assistant (i.e., the cat), I’ve had a chance to rank my favorite submissions in this year’s Get Rich Slowly video contest. As always, there were some great tips and some great stories. This year, I was impressed with the production values on the entries; some of the videos you folks sent in looked like they could have been produced by professionals!

Early Bird Prize
First up, this year we offered a special prize that was available only to those who entered the contest in the first two weeks. The winner of the Early Bird Award is Cori Rubio for his polished video in which he urges viewers: don’t gamble away your life savings:

Success Stories
This year’s winner in the Success Story category goes to Dixie Prosser, who told us how her nine-year-old saved for an iPad. I shared this a few weeks ago and heard a lot of great feedback for the clip. It’s a charming story of teaching kids how to do the right things with money.

The five runners-up used a variety of techniques to tell their stories. For instance, Pequatch used simple text to tell the tale of the girl and the magic pot of money. Meanwhile, Travis Settineri (aka S.E.T.) used a professionally-produced video to share the power of pursuing his dreams.

Megan got personal as she shared her story of getting to ground zero. Donna Butler’s story is full of passion, and that may be because she hasn’t reached the end of her journey yet. Her story is a work in progress Finally, Kim’s financial success story contains tons of great tips that anyone can use.

Personal Finance Tips
This year, my favorite personal finance tip video came from Justin at Cube Sapien who shared how to put your emergency fund on ice. I’m not sure why, but the idea of freezing cash to have on hand really appeals to me. I know a lot of people keep stashes of cash around the house, and this just seems like a smart way to do it.

The five runners-up in this category are:

Note: There were other great submissions too, but not everyone can win a prize. You can view all of the entries at the contest site. The number of entries dropped sharply this year, but the overall quality was better.

Website Award
Every year, one entry wins the Website Award, which is a prize for a contest entrant who also has a website. This year’s prize goes to Jaime Tardy from Eventual Millionaire.

Two years ago, in the first GRS video contest, Jaime shared her story of how she paid off over $70,000 in debt.

Since then, she’s changed her mindset, and has been working hard to learn what makes wealthy people tick. As part of that, she’s interviewed over 50 millionaires to learn the secrets of their success.

On the strength of these two videos, and because her site is intriguing, Jaime wins this year’s Website Award.

Also Worth Viewing
Chip from Chip’s Money Tips wasn’t eligible to win anything (he won a Grand Prize last year), but he shared two great videos again this year including this one about making the most of credit cards.

As always, the Get Rich Slowly video contest is a fun way for me to see what you, the members of the community are up to. Plus, I think it’s a great way for people to share their tips and success stories with other readers. Because that’s the strength of this site, after all: We’re all in this together, and we’re all learning from each other as we attempt to get rich slowly.

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