We’re about to embark upon a bold experiment here at Get Rich Slowly. For 6-1/2 years (with one small exception), I’ve been the sole editorial voice here at Get Rich Slowly. Even though Quinstreet bought the blog 3-1/2 years ago, I’ve remained the one controlling the content and directing the writers. (The exception? April Dykman took over for a couple of weeks while I was in South America last February.)

Well, I’ve now launched on another long trip. Right now, I’m in Denver for the second annual Financial Blogger Conference. On Monday, I fly to Istanbul. I’ll spend three weeks vacationing with my cousin in Turkey. And for the first time in years, I’ll completely disconnect myself from the internet.

There’s no April Dykman around to act as assistant editor this time. Instead, Ellen the editorial elf will act as editor. Because we have a good staff of writers in place, things should run smoothly. Still, there may be an occasional glitch. Please be patient!

I’ll return to the U.S. at the end of September. I’ll spend a few days in New York City (during which time I’ll visit Ramit from I Will Teach You to Be Rich) before flying to Atlanta to speak at the third annual Savvy Blogging Summit. Before returning home, I’ll spend a week in San Francisco and the Yosemite area, where I’ll meet my girlfriend’s family.

As I travel, I’ll check in as often as I can. But I’m not sure what that means. I’ll update Facebook with photos, of course, and I’ll also try to post a couple of stories at my travel blog. In the meantime, keep saving and investing. Be well, my friends.

Note: If all goes according to plan, I’ll actually post a new article from me this coming Monday, one that rounds up the doings here at Fincon. Here’s my write-up of last year’s gathering.

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