Of course, you’re a loyal reader of Get Rich Slowly – and we certainly appreciate it! But what other blogs do you read, and why do you like them?

Many readers have mentioned Mr. Money Mustache as a new fave. What do you like about his style? What have you learned from him?

Then there are the long-time PF sites like WiseBread, Consumerist, Consumerism Commentary, Money Crashers, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, and The Simple Dollar. Are you still reading them?

What attracts you to reading a particular blog? Is it the writer’s story? The writer’s philosophy or system to create a sound financial life? Or do you like blogs with a variety of voices, which we now have here on GRS.

Do men read personal finance blogs written by women, such as Girls Just Wanna Have Funds? (I recently read that women read books by men and women; men read only books written by men. I am wondering if the same holds true for blogs…)

Tell us what you’re reading these days, in particular any new blogs that you’ve discovered that you particularly like.

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