And before you know it, it’s April, and hopefully, you’re starting to see some signs of spring where you live. Our first two challenges were about sowing some seeds, and now maybe we can watch them grow.

Here’s our challenge to the GRS community for April: What will you invest in this month?

Now, let’s be clear, we’re not telling you to sink your hard-earned dollars into your brother’s plan to design a “Business Snuggie” that you can wear to the office or decide that ponchos for kittens could be the next big thing and worth cashing out your 401(k).

You can invest time, energy, money, emotions… The goal this month is to feel connected to the effort and the return on that effort. Maybe you’re investing in yourself by taking a class or by starting a workout routine. El Nerdo’s farewell post is an excellent example of investing effort into a laser-like focus to achieve your goals. Be conscious of the changes that occur this month when you invest in these goals. Just like with finance, the initial returns may be small, but they add up quickly.

But perhaps you, like staff writer Lisa Aberle, have wanted to get a bit more involved in financial investing. If you’ve been following the two previous challenges, saving $250 in February and making $150 in March, then you could potentially have $400 for our challenge. Lisa has provided excellent resources in this post.

You may be getting a tax refund soon. How will you invest that money?

Tell us what you will invest in this month. Will you finally start that account you’ve wanted to open or take a closer look at your financial investments? Will your investment be for something other than financial gains? Send us a guest post about your experience at the end of the month.

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