The Financial Bloggers Conference, colloquially known as FinCon, begins today in St. Louis. I got an email from J.D. yesterday saying that “barring a miracle” he wouldn’t have a post for today because he was crazy busy at FinCon. But he promises that next week’s post will be filled with tips he learned and ideas that were shared at FinCon13.

Here are the recaps from J.D. about FinCon12 and FinCon11. And this year you can follow the action on Twitter @FinCon and #FinCon13 as well. Many of your favorite bloggers will be there, including Flexo from ConsumerismCommentary, current GRS contributor Jeff Rose, GRS alumnus Donna Freedman, FinCon founder Phil Taylor from PTMoney – and 500 more bloggers and financial industry folks!

Another feature of FinCon is the Plutus Awards, which honor popular financial bloggers in many categories. They will be given out tonight at a gala celebration.

So follow along on Twitter, and J.D. will give a full report next Thursday.

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