This post is by staff writer Honey Smith.

One of my favorite holiday memories comes from my very early childhood. At that time we lived in a very rural area of a very rural state. On Christmas Eve, we went to the town hall for a meeting (because our town was so small that everyone could fit in the town hall).

I don’t remember much about the program, but near the end, the sound of sleigh bells came from the roof. The mayor announced that it was Santa, and we should all go outside. “Santa” was long gone, but much to the children’s surprise, each of our cars had a Christmas present inside.

As an adult, I know that some poor soul was coerced into making the treacherous and icy climb onto the roof to ring those sleigh bells, and that all the parents had left their car doors unlocked so that another poor soul could put all the presents into the cars. But there’s something priceless about living in that kind of town, and having that kind of memory.

And while I’m not quite old enough to have been around in 1963, I did enjoy this infographic from FlexScore about how Christmas 50 years ago compares to today. What are your favorite holiday memories from your childhood? I totally got an Etch-a-Sketch from Santa that year. And I think we all know what J.D. would say his favorite memory was — that old time radio Christmas tradition, Cinnamon Bear.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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