Have you ever just gone all out for Valentine’s Day? I mean, have you ever hired a skywriter to tell your sweetheart that you’re hopelessly in love? There are so many ways to say “I love you” that it’s mind-boggling – and most of them don’t cost much, as you know. In fact, some of the best ways to woo your Valentine are also the least expensive.The trick is to make it unique and meaningful.

Last year, we asked “Will you spend $130 on Valentine’s Day this year?” and got some pretty interesting answers. So if love is in the air but your feet are on the ground (seriously, skywriting starts at $1,500), you may have already considered some less extravagant displays of affection.

This year we want to look at how to impress for less. You may have been planning for months already; but even if it’s only been minutes, a sure way to impress your love is with a homemade meal. Lobster tail is nice! Lobster tails are a lot less expensive when you prepare them yourself, and they really aren’t that difficult to make.  I found frozen lobster tails at my market for $5 apiece! You can get more expensive tails online or at Walmart, Costco, your local grocery store or seafood market. This video shows just how easy it is to prepare.

A lot of you found inexpensive ways to give flowers last year! (Roses and dark chocolate at Trader Joe’s, anyone?) Kudos to those of you who found ways to donate to a charity and give flowers at the same time. Way to spread the love!  A beautiful rose bush is an inexpensive gift that gives throughout the year, and you can enjoy tending to it together too. They can be planted in your garden or in a little pot in your home. Again, my local market sells a miniature rose plant for just $5, but your local nursery or Home Depot likely sells the bushes for your garden at $12 and up.

I love to get a handmade card with a personal message. My friend, Karen, delights her family and friends with beautiful handmade cards for their special occasions. You can easily find a sonnet or write your own message of love inside. These are great projects for the kids, and they are usually kept forever. The point of Valentine’s Day is, after all, to tell that certain someone how much they mean to you – not to break the bank doing it!

Photo Credit: Karen Atkinson

BlueCollarWorkman wrote:

I found the perfect card for my girlfriend and it was $7! Seven bucks to say “Happy Valentine’s Day?” I didn’t get it. I decided to actually make her a card. Yeah, as in, hunt around for a red marker, cut a heart-shaped piece of construction paper, and write how I feel about her in said red marker. Last time I gave her a homemade card she was extremely happy and grateful. I highly suggest that in addition to staying in for V-day, why not make a card yourself? It’s more personal, you save yourself 7 bucks, and you’ll make her cry. In the good way.

You may want to take that advice seriously in light of a recent Harris Poll, conducted for Yodlee. The survey found that Americans actually feel less amorous when they have money concerns. A full 77 percent of American women think about money more than sex according to the survey. That’s an important stat when you’re thinking about how much to spend on Valentine’s Day.

It may break the hearts of some restaurateurs, but it turns out that saving is sexy! You may find that whispering sweet somethings about your plans to get out of debt or boost your savings could yield some extra perks. Seriously, I can’t think of a better way to tell someone you love them than by creating a safe and solid future together free from financial worries. This man went even further than that: Most amazing husband ever sends wife Valentine’s Day flowers every year after his death.

Think about that kind of security, and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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