It’s that dreaded time of year, but we all must face it. So let’s talk about taxes today. I’ve got some questions (and offer my answers).

1)      Do you get a refund or max out your withholding? A recent survey found that 31 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed prefer to get a refund. I confess – I get a refund every year.

If you want to stop the refund madness for tax year 2014, just go to IRS Publication 919 and see how to change your withholding.

2)      If you are getting a refund, what are you doing with it? Will you save it? Invest it? Treat yourself to something with 5 percent of the amount? Pay off debt? I save or invest my refund.

3)      Have you filed your taxes yet? If yes, when did you file? If no, do you have a target date by which you’ll file? When I was married and living in Manhattan, my then-husband loved to go to the main post office opposite Madison Square Garden at the eleventh hour and file his (our) taxes. The post office stays open until midnight on April 15. Drove me nuts since I’d had my part ready weeks before. (This is a staple of local TV news shows on tax day – live camera crew at the main post office, reporter interviewing late filers.)

4)      How will you do your tax return? Are you a DIYer? Do you use a service like H&R Block? Do you take advantage of AARP’s free tax-filing service at your local library? Do you use software like TurboTax? Do you use Free File from the IRS? Or do you take the expensive but timid route and use a CPA?

5)      How long does it take you to do your taxes, including gathering and sorting receipts, going through credit card statements, etc., through the filing process (online or on paper or spending an hour with an accountant)?

Tell us about your tax routine. What tips or tricks do you have to share to make the process less painful? Do you have any funny tax stories?

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