This article is by editor Linda Vergon.
Part 1 is “What do you do if you can’t make ends meet? (Part 1)

There are so many people desperately trying to make ends meet and failing at it – whether because of their own failures or because of terrible misfortune. And it’s hard. Still the problem remains that we must get through it, get past it so we, and everyone else in our lives, ultimately succeed. It’s a problem made more difficult by our own inability to corral negative thoughts, change unproductive attitudes, or embrace new beliefs that could help improve our situation. Sometimes it’s just not that easy to shake familiar habits and replace them with untried methods that have unknown results. Sometimes that’s exactly what is necessary. Sometimes it takes being pushed against the wall.

Last week, we attempted to gather ideas from the community as a resource for anyone that is facing extreme financial hardship – and the ideas were great. This week, we want to look at what has to happen inside to make it through such a difficult time. Do you need encouragement or do you need to be pushed? What thought process guides someone out of these situations?

  • You’ve lost your job
  • You are living on the street
  • You’ve been out of work for years
  • Your health is compromised

Recognizing that it’s never enough to simply pat someone on the back and offer a phrase or thought, how would you encourage someone in this situation? How did you manage your thoughts, change your attitudes, and find new beliefs that improved your situation?

Again, this is a broad topic, so as you comment, please indicate at the beginning of your comment what aspect you are addressing (add your own too) so it will be easy to search and find comments on topics that interest future readers… and thank you. Thank you for your generous support of other readers that happen to be struggling.

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