This article is by editor Linda Vergon.

The healthcare landscape has certainly changed in the two years since J.D. asked “What Do You Want to Know About the Economics of Health Care?” back in August 2012. Now that the Affordable Care Act is being implemented, we’d like to hear what your experience has been so far and what benefits you’ve seen.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently updated “How the Health Care Law Benefits You,” a web page detailing the benefits of the law, offering four main goals as the benchmark: better value, a stronger Medicare program, better health, and better options. According to the site, “Millions of Americans across the country are benefiting from the stronger coverage and consumer protections made possible by the Affordable Care Act.” Here’s how the benefits break down:

Better Value

  1. Better value for your premium dollar (80/20 Rule)
  2. Transparency in health insurance rates
  3. Stronger consumer protections
  4. No more denials because of pre-existing conditions
  5. Keeping young adults on their parents’ plans

Stronger Medicare Program –

  1. Closing the donut hole
  2. Fighting fraud
  3. Securing the Medicare Trust Fund
  4. Fewer avoidable hospital readmissions
  5. Smarter care

Better Health –

  1. Free preventive services
  2. Comprehensive coverage
  3. Strengthening the primary care workforce
  4. Supporting community health centers

Better Options –

  1. Access to quality, affordable coverage
  2. Helping states set up their marketplaces
  3. The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)
  4. New opportunities to expand Medicaid

We’re not getting political here; but when you follow this link (last updated in August 2013) to discover the specific developments in your state, are they changes you are experiencing?

Are your coverage options increasing? Are you receiving healthcare services you were previously denied? What is the change to your healthcare budget? And the question that started the whole discussion, Did you meet the March 31 deadline? The question J.D. asked last time that we want to ask again is, What do you still want to know?

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