This article is by editor Linda Vergon.

In honor of Independence Day, I thought it would be fun to see if we could come up with 1,776 ways to get rich slowly. After all, reaching “financial independence” these days does require some of the spirit our founding fathers had when they stood up to a tyrannical king and announced to the world that they were going to create a new nation.

Freedom is worth the struggle.

It may be difficult to properly understand the oppression that existed in colonial America in 1776, but a lot of us know what it’s like to live under the tyranny of debt; and in some measure, when we commit ourselves to tackling it, it’s like making our own declaration of “financial” independence. To free ourselves of debt requires sacrifice and struggle, but freedom is worth the struggle. Coming together to offer our own ways to get rich slowly could help someone else in their struggle for freedom.

I’ll get us started and hopefully we’ll actually reach 1,776!

  1. Ride your bike to work.
  2. Join a carpool.
  3. Track your spending in a notebook.
  4. Learn to cook.
  5. Visit your local library.

Your turn. How many can you contribute?

Happy Independence Day, everybody!

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