This article is by editor Linda Vergon.

The New Year is coming, and we’re busy thinking of ways to inspire your personal finance journey in the coming months. Personal finance is about making one choice over another. And at Get Rich Slowly, we’re a deliberate bunch. We actively avoid making hasty decisions. So one thing we’d like to continue to explore – whether it is through someone’s personal journey or just by digging in and doing the research – is how to navigate decisions well.

So even though most of our articles deal with making choices, we want to take an even closer look next year. Some of our articles will be designed to examine one choice next to another to see what we can learn from the comparison. We’re going to be looking hard at how to make the important decisions like which occupation to pursue and which colleges can get you there. We want to provide more information about investments and how they compare. So we’re working on a list of choices to explore, but we’d like to hear from you.

If it helps to think of how choices look when they appear to us, I thought of some ways to group them. (I added a few examples just to illustrate what I mean, but clearly a lot of these topics have already been addressed on Get Rich Slowly.)

Either/or choices –

  • Should I open a regular savings account or invest in a CD?
  • Should I pay off debt or start saving?
  • Is it better to rent or to buy a home?

Life-altering decisions –

  • Which occupation should I pursue?
  • Should we wait to start a family?
  • Should we retire this year?

It’s-a-matter-of-degree decisions –

  • Is it better to pay off my mortgage early or invest the money?
  • Which college should I attend?
  • How much of my income should I save?

Leaps-of-faith decisions –

  • Which job offer should I accept?
  • Should I start a business?

Count-to-three decisions –

  • I just had an accident. What kind of car should I buy?
  • I just lost my job. How can I stretch my budget?

Are you in the midst of making some financial decisions or do you expect to face some next year? Can you tell us what would help you make a more informed decision? What kinds of choices should we explore for you next year?

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