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Every year we ring in the New Year and experience the phenomenon of being connected to everyone else. We’re tied together by the calendar. Even though we lead separate lives and have distinctly different journeys from every other person, we can’t escape the fact that January 1 starts a new year for us all.

Then, of course, there are all the other holidays throughout cultures — and the calendar — that signal rebirth and new beginnings.

Our reaction to the New Year is not necessarily shared, though. For as many that celebrate it, there are countless others that ignore it. Some use the occasion as a point of renewal while others take time to measure progress. It’s a personal decision that should always be honored as a matter of choice.

The goal: planning for the year ahead

Our goal at Get Rich Slowly remains to provide information that helps you make progress toward your financial goals, but we recognize that not everyone is on the same journey. Some of us are further along than others. So we’re always designing content that reflects the diverse financial situations we have. Every month, we’ll feature content along three different tracks – getting out of debt, saving money, and investing – so that whenever you come to Get Rich Slowly, you’ll be able to find something that relates to your unique financial picture.

Here are five “must-read” articles for anyone’s financial journey, whether you are just starting out or have made solid progress toward your goals:

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What financial goal(s) are you going to work toward this year? What do you need to learn?

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