Get Rich Slowly is one of the leading personal finance blogs on the internet. Every month, hundreds of thousands of people come here looking for ways to make and save money. Now you can introduce your company or product to self-motivated money managers in a single, low-cost step.

Get Rich Slowly is particularly interested in partnerships with quality companies who seek to build long-term, nonpredatory relationships with enthusiastic, intelligent customers. Because that’s what we do, too.

Our Traffic
All stats accurate as of 28 February 2009:

Our Publicity
As Get Rich Slowly grows to help more and more people, it has begun to receive media attention, such as:

Read more about our publicity in on the press page.

Advertising Opportunities
Get Rich Slowly no longer accepts link ads. We never have (and never will) run paid posts of any kind. We do, however, offer the following opportunities:

Feed Advertising
To reach the nearly 70,000 daily feed subscribers, contact the FeedBurner Ad Network.

Google Advertising
To advertise on specific pages, use Google Adwords. Google ads appear in the right-hand sidebar, and at the top and bottom of every archived entry. We actively ban ads for products that do not fit with this site’s philosophy.

Premium Advertising
Get Rich Slowly is currently offering a limited number of image-linked ads. The following are Google-replacement ads — your advertisement would take the place of a Google Adsense block for an entire month:

  • Archive banner (468×60): This ad runs at the top of all archive pages (but not the main page), between the title and the body of the article. Cost: $5,000/month (approx. $5.00 per 1,000 page views).
  • Sidebar square (300×250): This ad runs in the sidebar of every page, above the fold. Cost: $3,500/month (approx. $3.50 per 1,000 page views).
  • Archive footer (336×280): This ad runs at the bottom of every archived entry, between the article and the comments. Cost: $1,000/month (approx. $1.000 per 1,000 page views).

Get Rich Slowly also offers two smaller display ad formats. These ads are placed in the sidebar on every page in the site:

  • Small badge (125×125): These small ads are fast becoming a web-standard. Several slots are available in the blog sidebar. Cost: $500 per month (approx. $0.50 per 1,000 page views).
  • Large badge (250×125): Double the width of the 125×125 standard ad. They take up two slots in the sidebar. Cost: $1,000 per month (approx. $1.00 per 1,000 page views).

We are also open to display ads located on individual entries. Price is based on past traffic. Please contact us for a quote.

Thank you for your interest in advertising at this site!

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