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Prosper: Investing on YOUR Terms

Note: I’ve received many questions about Prosper, but I’ve never used it. Here’s a post from Frykitty, the very very quiet second author at Get Rich Slowly. She recently set up a Prosper account and has written to share her experience. Last December I discovered Prosper, a site that connects private lenders and borrowers, and…

Carnival of Personal Finance

This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is up at 2million.  The host’s picks focus on 401(k)s, though there are many posts on a variety of subjects, including a great overview of David Bach’s DOLP method for eliminating credit card debt.

Start Late, Finish Rich

Just finished David Bach’s Start Late, Finish Rich. At 42, I thought it would be a good intro to Bach’s many treatises on personal finance. I’ll come right out and say I highly recommend this book. It was full of great information, and took an optimistic, yet realistic tone. I’ll try to touch on some…