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Nerdo Nérdez

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Maximiliano “El Nerdo” Nérdez has been, at various times, scientist, dishwasher, professor, circus performer, politician, farmer, door-to-door canvasser, and fugitive from justice. He currently makes a living as a freelance artist and small business owner. He is interested in the philosophy and psychology of financial prosperity because (he claims) "it’s all in the mind." El Nerdo does *not* live in Portland (OR or ME), and he remains incognito in order to protect the innocent.

Recent Posts
I’m off to grow a giant pumpkin!

This post is from staff writer El Nerdo. I love my job, but my job doesn’t pay so well. For a while I attempted to cope with this problem by means of personal finance. However, while thinking and writing about personal finance, I have realized (for a while now) that I need to make more money. And while personal finance is more of a subset of home economics, earning more is all about business and entrepreneurship,…

Building a life we value

The reason why I think “earn more” is better than “spend less” is not simply because more money gives us more options to amass a positive net worth, or because I don’t like to spent my time transporting my garbage to somebody else’s trash dump. I think this way mainly because I cherish human work and creativity, and I see wealth as the accumulated expression of this work. This deep appreciation of human activity is…

A spring-cleaning discovery

It’s amazing the number of things we can throw out and not miss. I do not wish to backpack through Third World countries living on a dollar a day, I hate the tiny house fad, and I am staunchly against miserliness, but I have to say: I find the slavery of things to be more of an encumbrance every day. Really. I’ve had it with things, and I’m starting to detest them. Well, almost all…