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Maximiliano “El Nerdo” Nérdez has been, at various times, scientist, dishwasher, professor, circus performer, politician, farmer, door-to-door canvasser, and fugitive from justice. He made a living as a freelance artist and small business owner. He is interested in the philosophy and psychology of financial prosperity because (he claims) "it’s all in the mind." El Nerdo does *not* live in Portland (OR or ME), and he remains incognito in order to protect the innocent.

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Throwing away an old rule

Fellow peasants, unite! The time has come to overthrow the old order! GRS rule #3 says, “Spend less than you earn.” But why should we continue to do that always? Because of tradition? Because of authority? Because that’s what everyone else claims they are doing? To the guillotine with the old rules, I say. It’s time for revolution! It’s time to turn the old laws upside down. It’s time to say something better. It’s time…

Mike Michalowicz, ex-Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

I’ve been meaning to write about Mike Michalowicz for a while now. Last October, in a comment to an article about generalization vs. specialization, I sided with specialists and promised reader Rya that I’d soon be discussing GIANT PUMPKINS! Why? Because at the time, I was reading Mike’s newest book, “The Pumpkin Plan.” However, life is full of detours, so I am finally writing about it months later… except that I won’t be writing about…

The ‘cost’ of gun ownership

As some of you might know or remember, I have been considering the purchase of a firearm for some time. Two posts ago I mentioned it while talking about being victim of a robbery, and reader Tyler Karaszewski wrote a cogent and passionate comment that began, “I think it’s sad that so many of our responses to these sorts of events are to (quite literally) begin escalating an arms race.” My following post was about…