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529 Plans vs. Prepaid 529 Plans

Saving for college is daunting enough, but as any parent of college-age kids can tell you, you also need to learn a whole new vocabulary — FAFSA, 529 plans, Coverdell accounts. It can be a lot to process. One common question is the difference between a 529 plan and a 529 “prepaid” plan. While pre-paid plans aren’t nearly as common as they used to be, it’s important to know the difference. Here’s all that you…

Best CD Rates | Certificate of Deposit Rates

Identifying the best CD rates It is important to think through how best to use a certificate of deposit in your overall financial plan, but it starts with understanding your goals and how a CD can help you reach them. Interest rates change constantly, so having up-to-date rate information is critical to identifying the best CD rates and terms to make the most of your investment. We have made the whole process easier in a…

Which online high-yield savings account & money market account is best?

Saving money is essential to building your net worth. Savings accounts and money market accounts are meant to hold your liquid assets, or funds that you expect to use within a year. You may think, “If you’ve seen one high-yield savings account, you’ve seen them all” – but, actually, higher interest rates and certain features can make one account a better choice than another. Online high-yield savings account and money market account rates As online…