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The identity theft no one is talking about
This article is by staff writer Jacqueline Leppla.

It’s bad enough when some scammer gets your credit card, but what happens when they steal your access to health care? Even worse, what if that person is a member of your family or a member of the health care field we are supposed to trust? It’s not an isolated concern. Medical identity theft represented 42.5 percent of the breaches identified in 2014 according to the…

What sparked my investigation into medical identity theft

When the oral surgeon recommended that our daughter have her wisdom teeth removed, we thought we knew what to expect both medically and financially. Morgan’s two sisters underwent this procedure in the past, and we adopted a brave “Let’s get this over with!” attitude as we scheduled her operation. We expected the least painful part of the procedure to be the surgery bill because the girls are covered under both their parent’s dental insurance. It…