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8 investing ideas that avoid the stock market

This article is by staff writer Jeff Rose, CFP. Be sure to check Jeff’s latest project Operation: #investNOW where he’s encouraging 1 million to start investing in themselves. Investing in the stock market requires resolve and a long-term vision. In fact, looking back over the last 14 years or so — a relatively short period of time — the stock market tested the resolve of many. The S&P 500 shed 46 percent from August 25, 2000,…

How to avoid hiring a shady financial adviser

This article is by staff writer Jeff Rose, CFP. How would you feel if the financial adviser you hired to take care of your investments had four previous instances of customers filing a complaint against them? What if they had been fired from two previous financial institutions? Hopefully it would give you the same sick feeling it gives me. How would you feel if you learned that you could have discovered all of this if…

Could you say no to your mom?

This is a guest post from Jeff Rose, CFP who blogs at Jeff is well known among bloggers for his various causes: The Debt Movement, The Roth IRA Movement and The Life Insurance Movement.  His first book, Soldier of Finance, officially releases September 9, 2013. “Heck no!” Imagine if a stranger asked you one of the following questions: Can I borrow your credit card to make a quick purchase? I don’t have any cash on…