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8 investing ideas that avoid the stock market

This article is by staff writer Jeff Rose, CFP. Be sure to check Jeff’s latest project Operation: #investNOW where he’s encouraging 1 million to start investing in themselves. Investing in the stock market requires resolve and a long-term vision. In fact, looking back over the last 14 years or so — a relatively short period of…

What you wouldn’t want to hear from your adviser

This article is by contributor Jeff Rose, CFP. He blogs at Good Financial Cents. My role as a financial adviser sometimes feels like a fortune teller. (Get it?) I’m peering into the crystal ball of your finances while trying to take everything into consideration: how much you’ve saved for retirement, how long you have until retirement, how…

5 ways to get over the money blues

This article is by contributor Jeff Rose, CFP. He blogs at Good Financial Cents. In a surprising conversation with a client, I learned that he logs into his account online in the morning and again in the afternoon every single day. What makes this even more peculiar is that our online access gets updated once…