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The best (and worst) money advice Dad ever gave you

This article is by Les Masterson. Fathers are great at offering advice – in matters of life, love, and, of course, money.  And while we’ve all resorted to clichés at times, the wisdom fathers impart often stays with their children, who in turn pass that guidance on to the next generation. So in honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to ask readers: What did your father teach you about money? What was his best –…

Life after debt – experimenting with financial balance

This article is from returning staff writer Tim Sullivan. I first became part of the Get Rich Slowly community six years ago. I lived in Austin, Texas, at the time and had to travel a lot between jobs. I say that I drove a scooter to save money on gas; but really, it was because I couldn’t afford a reliable car. The fact it cost me less than $2 to fill up my tank for…

10 innovative tools under $100 for Father’s Day

This article is from returning staff writer Tim Sullivan. I haven’t spent a Father’s Day with my dad for over a decade. Don’t get me wrong, my father is awesome. If I could jet-set at will, I’d be flying non-stop to make him Bloody Marys every third Sunday in June. This year is different, though. A break in my schedule and a new nephew in the family means I am back in my hometown for…