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J.D. Roth’s experience with credit cards is common: He found, like many people do, that how you handle your finances determines whether a credit card will be a useful tool or not. In short, the best credit card in the world won’t help if you spend beyond your means, but it can reward you if you use credit wisely – and it mostly depends on you. Credit cards can be a convenient and valuable tool in your financial arsenal! See “How to Choose a Credit Card” for tips on how to find a card that fits your needs.

If you decide to apply for a credit card, take time to compare the details of each offer. Tables such as the one below can help you start the process by comparing the major advantages of each card, but be sure to visit the card issuer’s website where you can review the terms and conditions of the offer and other important information. Keep in mind that each credit card company has its own standards for determining creditworthiness, and exact credit-scoring standards vary based on a number of factors.

Note: See also How to Choose a Credit Card for tips on finding the right credit card for you. Our partner site CardRatings.com also has articles to help you find the right card be it a cash back credit card or balance transfer credit card. Their Credit Card Comparison Table also allows you to easily search dozens of current credit card offers.

Also, scroll down past the table to check out the archive of credit card articles we  have published over the years!

[Editor’s note: The editorial ratings are courtesy of CardRatings’ expert, Curtis Arnold.]

Credit Cards

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