America's youngest credit card brand shook up the industry by launching the first nationwide credit card with a cash back rewards program and no annual fee. Since its splashy debut via a 1986 Super Bowl ad, Discover has grown into one of the industry's most respected companies. With competitive balance transfer offers and a proven track record for delivering solid customer service, Discover has settled into an enviable role in the credit card landscape.

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Discover's flagship Cashback Bonus Card

Since its debut, the Discover Card has offered a cash back rebate for everyday purchases. In 2007, Discover replaced the Platinum Card in its lineup with the Discover More Card and now Discover's new flagship card, the Discover it Card, aims to "change the way people think about credit cards."

Discover's groundbreaking adventures in the credit card business

The Discover Card we know today started off as the brainchild of executives at one of America's biggest department stores. With ambitions to grow its financial services business, Sears launched Discover as a revolving consumer account to complement its popular retail credit card. Although a few major banks had attempted to jockey for position in consumers' wallets alongside Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, only Discover had the power of Sears' retail footprint. In-store messages and heavy television advertising introduced the radical idea of a credit card that "pays you back." Within five years of its 1985 launch, Discover had already attracted a million merchants beyond its initial department store network.

Sears spun Discover and investment house Dean Witter into a standalone company in 1993, enabling it to launch one of the first credit card websites by 1995. After a decade under the Morgan Stanley corporate umbrella, Discover Financial Services emerged in 2007 as a fully independent credit card issuer. The company celebrated by relaunching its slate of cash back rewards credit cards and purchasing the iconic Diners Club brand. Resolving an antitrust dispute with Visa and MasterCard enabled Discover to bring additional lenders onto its platform, while advancing plans to extend its global payment network.

In addition, a handful of other lenders use Discover's payment processing network for private label credit cards tied to retail stores, professional associations, and membership organizations. Many of these credit cards carry the Discover logo, but don't offer the usual cash back bonuses or other rewards.

While still best known for its cash back rebates, Discover Card's products now include added value ranging from a generous cash back reward program, to no annual fee, no overlimit fee, no foreign transaction or pay-by-phone fees and talk to a real person anytime with 100% U.S.-based customer service. If you're looking for a rewards credit card backed by industry-leading customer service, review the Discover Card offers on this page to see if there's a deal that's right for you.

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