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New around here

Postby aishahhils » Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:18 pm

I recently started reading Get Rich Slowly and some other personal finance blogs, and I thought I'd come around the forums to see what's happening over here :) I don't run my own financial literacy blog or anything fancy schmancy like that, I'm not an economics whiz (I barely survived the math section of the GRE)...I have worked as a bookkeeper in the past. I'm currently trying to make ends meet through a variety of jobs while going to school.

I really enjoy some of the tips shared on the blogs, and some of the info is helpful, but I would love to see more posts that apply to The Rest of Us ~ those of us who aren't middle class or above, who don't have stock options now (or the possibility of them anytime soon), who are living paycheck to paycheck or worse. Those of us for whom frugality isn't a choice - it's a matter of life or death. I fit into that category and I am doing everything I can to improve my financial situation...but sometimes it is so hard to relate to blogs like this because they are written to an entirely different group of people. I would love to see financial literacy for the poor made a reality - not just for the middle class.

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