Greetings From Indiana!

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Greetings From Indiana!

Postby Martacus » Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:24 pm

Hello! I've been reading the bog here for a while, and decided to join up here. Thanks to JerichoHill for introducing me to the site; it's been a big help so far. I'm hoping to get and maybe give some helpful financial advice!

About me personally, and my situation: I'm 28 years old, married with no children (and no plans for any), and recently bought a house, having closed about 2 weeks ago. Our total combined income is a little over $30,000/year before taxes. We've got about 1 month's worth of emergency funds, two cars (one paid for, one nearly so), and about $10,000 in student loan debt; fortunately no credit card debt to speak of--yet. I've already found myself paying quite a bit to get started as far as groceries, utensils, and cleaning supplies are concerned. It's going to be a rough few months on the financial front, at any rate.

I'm looking forward to some good conversations!

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