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Hi from AmericanCliche

Postby AmericanCliche » Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:07 pm

I'm a new member, although I starting posting on personal finance before introducing myself. I came across this site while I was looking for a high yield savings account. I ended up going with ING. Although I'm disappointed with the latest rate drop (1.65% now!), I'm still getting a better return then I would on a money market mutual fund.

About me: I'm 24. I have a BS in Business Administration. I hold a middle management position in work unrelated to finance. I'd love to become a financial advisor, personal finance has really become a passion of mine. I guess I'm just concerned about leaving the job I have in such a tough job market. I'd appreciate advice from financial advisors on how they got into the field.

So until I can become a financial advisor (and even afterwards) I’ll read the forums, offer my opinion and learn from others. This is a great site which I share with both my co-workers and friends.

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