A retired old man's introduction

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A retired old man's introduction

Postby Success101 » Wed May 27, 2009 1:07 pm

I am an almost 70 year old man who retired when I was 55. I got started on my road to success late in life. I was 40 when I heard Jim Rohn and he changed my life.

I have retired from one job, opened 3 successful businesses and sold them, and then retired.

I like to invest, gamble, and manage my web sites.

I travel a lot (8 cruises in 3 years plus many trips to different countries), eat in fine restaurants ( my wife and I rarely eat at home), and go to many shows (we live in Las Vegas).

Of my many web sites, the one that I like most is my success site because, although it is a basic success course, I believe that it will help people on their road to success. Jim Rohn is my guru. I have attended his seminars probably about 50 times and listen to them consistantly.

You can also get a free ebook that I wrote on investing. It is about how to develop a trading program and auto trade it. It is how that I developed my profitable trading program and how I auto trade it. Of course, I do not provide my trading program. I am keeping it for greedy me. :)

The FREE success course.


Postby sandyandry » Thu May 28, 2009 10:09 pm

Hello welcome to the forum :)

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