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Postby robblatt » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:31 am

JD, do you have a tag that you check for story ideas?

For instance, I see the post in the Consumerist in how to sell your home in a down market ... 270521.php

And tag it in my account as "GRSideas" or something like that. That way, we could give you posting suggestions or link suggestions easy and efficient?

A thought.

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Postby 144mph » Tue Jun 26, 2007 5:13 am

That link is hilarious.

Aside from the post being obviously written by Captain Obvious, the comments were pretty humorous.

Grandma and weird Uncle Fred smoking outside the entry way - not good.
Dead animal in the basement (non-trophy) - not good.
Unfinished and/or half-assed home "improvements" - not good.
A notice from the city stating the unsafe condition of the electrical system - not good.
An entire wall of the house buckling - not good.
Studs unattached to headers (thats one of those new "floating walls") - not good.
Obvious signs of a break-in - not good.
A "guest house" that resembled more of a meth lab - not good.

:lol: Maybe I have a sick sense of humor and no sympathy for addicts, but I have a hard time thinking of situations where a meth lab is not funny.

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