Hello I'm AO and I'm an alcoholic.

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Hello I'm AO and I'm an alcoholic.

Postby aomega54 » Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:17 am


In the world where everyone wants to get rich fast, a website which promises anything but deserves a second look.

I'm a Syndey-based entrepreneur / marketer (which means you should not trust anything I say and ban me from these boards IMMEDIATELY), and going through a curious phase of realising that growing business/finance and growing SELF is something that works best if it happens in sync.

Indeed, for as long as I tried to approach my business with the mindset of "How can I make the most money out of the most people?" nothing much happened. When that focus began to shift to "How can I grow and then use this business as a mouthpiece for the lessons I've learned", things began to look up.

Hoping to share this journey with people here.


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