Yingying from Manila ^_^

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Yingying from Manila ^_^

Postby yingying » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:57 pm

I been a GRS reader for quite some time now. I am happy I found this site. :D

I know a couple of the advice here are not applicable to me since we don't have the ROTH IRA here in Manila. But nevertheless reading the articles has given me new perspective and appreciation for what everyone has been trying to achieve--financial freedom.

I have been saving for a while. Even before I was in elementary school. I used to drive my mom nuts when I can't account for that missing "singkwenta sentimos" (50 cents) in my lists. I also had money tucked away when I was in highschool as well as in college. I now work as an engineer as well as I am finishing up my masters degree (if i can somehow finish my thesis) I had money but not quite large as what everyone has. I think its because salary rates here in the Philippines are way below what other people are making in other countries.

thank you JD for this site. I was saving but I didn't have any specific goals. I just had money tucked away for that eventual "rainy day" but nothing concrete such as a financial plan for my life. You and other people who posted have helped me a lot.

I was frugal but I wasn't really conscious that the little things I was doing would affect me bigtime. (i.e. When going home I used to ride a jeepney to the nearest transit station, I now walk instead. It was not very far and I figured that I was spending a lot on transportation costs.)

I am now more aware, better informed and definitely more conscious in where I place my money. I have a goal now, I plan to put away a large portion of my salary so that I can invest it in something that would yield a passive source of income that would be equal to my monthly expenses. Maybe buy property somewhere and have it rented out.

Maybe I can post again sometime on what I do to save on the little things. (which may be bordering on the cheap side. :? )

Sorry if this post is long. :oops: Thank you again.

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Re: Yingying from Manila ^_^

Postby richmoneyhabits » Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:10 pm

Hi Yingying! It's great to find a fellow Filipino in GRS Forum! Your story about being more conscious about money is truly inspiring. More power to you and your financial goals! :)
Allan Inocente
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