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Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:54 pm
by Wilbs
My name is Wilbert. Im 24 years old and I have no financial experience, I hope I can learn from all of you and at my age I feel I have made a wise choice to start my path to wealth. Not becoming rich but to be a wealthy person. I come from a family with no knowledge in finances so I start with my introduction with that. I am in debt, and it stems from making a wrong choice from going to a private college. I dropped out of college in 2006 and to this day I am stuck dealing with being 17,000 in the hole with knowledge I obtain since second grade. I have a job and work with a debt consulting company (IT Department :) ). I hope I can stop bad spending habits and start with learning the meaning of income and what money is. I guess I am clouded with what money is supposed to be used for growing up in a home that has no knowledge of using money wisely. I hope this forum can help. So who can help me with where I should start first in this forum and what are good resources to start?. Thanks :).