new and getting poor quickly

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new and getting poor quickly

Postby maagrit66 » Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:21 pm

I am a Canadian member- don't know how many other Cdns there are among you.... Anyway, I have had a relly bad run for several years and have run up incredible debt. I am currently not well-employed. Well, I am self -employed sort of, but working/ earning very little. I have been self-employed 75% of my working life since getting out of art school 18yrs ago. I am fed up. But i live now in a rural area with little to offer in employment and I have no clue at this point how to look for a real job. i have so many cool skills - ( jill of all trades- master of none) There are rarely jobs on job boards that I am reasonably qualified for; I don't know where to begin. Any other mult-talented arty weirdos out there with advice?

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Postby robblatt » Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:42 pm

I'd look into telecommuting jobs if you wanna continue down the arty weirdo path, but otherwise, it's time to start climbing a ladder (proverbial, but it could be literal too).

Many sites have searches you can save in the form of RSS so you can be alerted when a keyword pops up (craigslist does this) and some will e-mail you when they find something that you claim to have interest in (, but their stuff seems to be aimed at Asia freelancing more than north american).

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