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New Kid On The Block

Postby bestatit » Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:30 pm

Hey guys, How are you doing? Hope all is well and you are ready for new adventures in the upcoming new year.

I am 27, well about to be 28 in February. I would LOVE to get rich , not slowly but quickly.. lol.

I obtained my first multifamily home when I was 25, did a total renovation, which cost a little too much due to my inexperience at the time and took a year + to complete. holding cost was high.

I am not upset at the outcome, because its rented for top dollars, it even pockets me 1k a month after mortgage and water bill paid.

I am here wanting to network and see what's the next move. I'm working on obtaining another multifamily house and even considering partnering with a friend of mine who is as hungry!

Let the fun begin :-) :P

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