Hi from Spain!

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Hi from Spain!

Postby victorin » Mon Sep 17, 2007 6:39 am

Hello everybody here!

I'm co-founder of http://moneytrackin.com, a free online substitute of Quicken/MS Money

I invite everybody to try the application and give us a little feedback or feature request. Our objective is to build a great tool to help everybody with personal finances.

Now Moneytrackin' supports accounting, transaction tagging, reporting, budget sharing with family or friends, import/export in other finance fileformats (like excel or quicken fileformats) and much more.

Also, we're developing a saving helper system based on user-generated tips. The idea is simple: moneytrackin' users can create & share tips for improving their finances, and then these tips are displayed to other users (only the relevant ones and in an unobtrusive manner).
Tips can be global (how to save on the electric bill) or local (a cheap gas-station), and they can also be commented, voted as favourites or as inappropiates.

If anybody wants to participate in the private beta and help increasing the community knowledge, write me at victor@moneytrackin.com. Let's build the 'Saving Wikipedia' together! ;-)

Thank you very much!

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