Vending Machines In Schools: The Parents Fault?

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Re: Vending Machines In Schools: The Parents Fault?

Postby DoingHomework » Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:06 am

beforewisdom wrote:Few people are unaware of the problems of soda and junk food machines in public schools.

School administrators invite the soda companies in to make up for missing revenue they need to run the schools.

Why don't schools have enough money? Parents don't want to pay more taxes. Where do kids get the money to buy soda and junk food? From their parents.

So, why don't parents take the money the reserve to buy junk food for their kids and contribute it to run the schools?

Maybe it's because schools have become wasteful, bloated organizations that are ineffective at educating students. Public schools these days are truly pathetic! Giving them more money is not the answer. Let's make parents accountable. If your kid fails you pay for the extra service they require to repeat a grade. If your kid is a discipline problem, you are fined hundreds of dollars.

You get the idea. Let's hold parents, teachers, and administrators accountable. Personally, based on my observations, which are probably more informed than most people, I lay about 60% of the blame of failing schools on parents, 30% on administration, and 10% on a few bad teachers that are lousy but can't be gotten rid of because of tenure. (I think 90+% of teachers are good but there are a few bad ones).

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