Financial IQ - 85 - very slow to get rich!

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Financial IQ - 85 - very slow to get rich!

Postby ronny_todgers » Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:39 am

Hey guys just took a <snipped spam link> neat test to measure my financial IQ. Ok So I only got 85 but tragically I feel it might be close to right!

I was 110 for rational risk taking but 70 odd for gambling and rational risk avoidance.

What about some of the more sensible amongst you?

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Re: Financial IQ - 85 - very slow to get rich!

Postby ArmorPierce » Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:01 pm

Financial IQ

Your Financial IQ is: 105.3

This score is just like a "normal" IQ in the sense that a score of 100 means that you are typical, higher scores are above average and lower scores below.

The score is computed from three components detailed below.

Rational Risk Taking

Your Rational Risk Taking score is: 93.1

This score also has an average value of 100 and details how you well you are able to take the potential benefits into account when you consider taking a financial risk. Your score means that you sometimes find it hard to look beyond the risk of a decision to the potential benefits that could result.

Resistance to Gambling

Your Resistance to Gambling score is: 100.5

Again this score has an average value of 100 and details if you can avoid thinking like a gambler when it comes to financial decisions. A gambling tendency is to get excited about the risk itself rather than considering the risk and reward on their merits. Your score means that you get less excited than most people about taking financial risks. Because of this you may find it easier to be objective when you are considering a finanacial risk.

Rational Risk Avoidance

Your Rational Risk Avoidance score is: 122.4

As a sort of mirror image to the first component, this score shows how well you can take the risk into account when considering a very appealing possible reward. Your score means that you are better than most at keeping an eye on the risks involved and turning down the chance of something really good if you think it's too risky. Very sensible stuff!

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