Career: Working with Recruiters

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Career: Working with Recruiters

Postby Croz » Thu May 31, 2007 11:21 am

Things continue to be "interesting" at work. I've decided that I must start to put feelers out now on a new job, so I don't get caught unprepared if the worst happens.

(Another downside to not being financially secure. If I were debt free with a fully funded emergency fund, I'd ride this thing all the way down in hopes that it would turn around.)

I have had contact over the past year with about 7 professional recruiters who have pitched job opportunities to me. Since I am in an area with a fairly small tech community, several of them ended up pitching the same jobs to me. So there's a lot of overlap.

I've never reached out to a recruiter, just had them come to me. What's the etiquette?

  1. Do I send my information to all of them and run the risk that they'll all pitch me to the same opportunity?
  2. Do I hook up with just 1 or 2?
  3. Am I better to go with someone who places my type of job exclusively (nationwide) or someone with strong ties to my local job market? (I'm not interested in relocating)

I'd appreciate any advice anyone has.


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Postby plonkee » Thu May 31, 2007 12:31 pm

I don't know about the etiquette thing but, the recruiters that have approached you, have they been regional or discipline specific? If some were regional then you're probably better off going with regional if as you say, you are more open to working in a slightly different field than relocating.
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Postby benbr » Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:15 pm

I got my current position through a recruiter, and it was an interesting and in the end a positive experience. It's important to keep in mind that the recruiter doesn't work for you and isn't doing you a favor. You are a commodity they are selling to a company. In general they get paid a percentage of your first salary, I think about 10%. Like with a real estate broker that means that they have an incentive to get you as a high a salary as they can, but it also means they are focussed on closing the deal and would probably happy to take a little less as long as it means they get paid.

One disadvantage to this system is that the company may want to pay you less, because they are taking a hit on the commission as well.

It also goes without saying that you need to only take a job you really want, and ignore any pressure you get from the recruiter.

One advantage to the system is that the recruiter maybe eager enough to close the deal that will offer you a signing bonus if that's what it takes for you to accept the position. In my case I hemmed and hawed so long about taking the job the recruiter offered me more than half of their commission to take the job. He didn't say it that way -- "take half my commission" -- he called it a signing bonus, but if you know they may take up to 10% of your salary, you know how much they might be willing to give up.

Good luck!

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