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Re: Internet TV

Postby camping » Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:25 pm

I am starting to feel the same way.

We got rid of cable when I was temporarily unemployed. Since then, we have had Netflix. It's been over two years now.

I still miss cable. I admit---I am a TV watcher, as it is my way to relax. But there are so many programs that I used to watch on cable that I really have no access to anymore. I also looked into Hulu+ but it doesn't seem to interest me.

I think I'm almost tapped out on Netflix. I have watched nearly everything of interest to me and I'm not a big movie watcher because I don't have the attention span. I was pretty irritated when A&E was removed from Netflix awhile ago, because there were SO many shows just POOF. Gone.

Until they add the latest seasons of everything that's already in my queue, the only things I have left to watch are Lost and Breaking Bad. They'll probably be removed before I ever get around to finishing them. :D

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Re: Internet TV

Postby ThriftGenuity » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:40 pm

When I looked into this, I could never find a combination that saved me much money. My cable/internet package is $80 and the cheapest internet only package I could find was $50. So factor in the price of the other subscriptions and purchasing hardware, I was basically back to the $80 a month.

Is there an internet provider that has cheaper internet only packages (other than the 6 month intro deals)?

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