No W2, need 1099 help

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No W2, need 1099 help

Postby JenniferGwennifer » Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:22 am

Hey everyone, just looking for insight on how to work on filing my return.
I've been able to get away with the 1040-A while in grad school, but I just received a 1099 from my internship last year. From what I can figure out, that makes me an independent contractor, which means I may have to pay the self-employment levels for taxes, SS and medicare payments (eek!). I had no other employment last year and made under $10k (the internship had free housing within walking distance, so my expenses were minimal). The only other form I file is the American Opportunity credit (#8863). I'm just a bit confused about how to go about this, and would appreciate any resources the GRS community could point me to.
(Because it's been so simple in the past, I've done my own taxes by hand, but had them checked over by my accountant/tax prep cousin before sending them in.)

Thanks everyone!

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