financial health <=> mental health

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Re: financial health <=> mental health

Postby Sonja » Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:48 am

You've really come a long way already, really well done!

Now looking at your numbers there's a gap of 'just' +/- $200 in the month. Perhaps you can find a cheaper place to live or get a roommate. That might just help you move out.

And are you already selling your embroidery, or bookbinding skills? If not, make a promise to yourself to put something up for sell in the next 7 days. Whether it's perfect or not. It's perfect if someone pays you for it giving you more freedom in your live. That's really the only type of perfect it needs to be. So if no one buys you know to improve further, but otherwise, it's extra money right there.

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Re: financial health <=> mental health

Postby notpollyanna » Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:59 pm

I finally got my Federal tax refund ($1971)! This meant that I could pay off the rest of my first loan (in debt avalanche order). This means that I have 3 loans that total $65,000 left. Monthly minimum payments will be ~$460. For the time being, I am not paying on two of those loans because all my loans are paid ahead (from before I figured out how to apply extra payments directly to principal), so I am focusing my payments on avalanche-loan #2 until an actual amount due shows up on my bill. Then I will put myself back on direct debit and still put extra money toward avalanche-loan #2.

I've been in high gear for a paid project for a friend (making a game board awesomer). I have also been working on crafts to sell. It is a thing that works better as a batch process, so I'm making several at one time, between working on the project for my friend.

I have a phone interview this week for a place where I have already interviewed three times for similar positions. I have gotten an in-person interview each time, but no offers. My fingers are tightly crossed. I've still been applying to other jobs of varying degrees of exciting-ness.

Ugh. Still thinking of jumping out windows.

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Re: financial health <=> mental health

Postby CecilyC » Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:11 pm

notpollyanna wrote:Ugh. Still thinking of jumping out windows.

Don't jump! You are making progress. Hey, you paid off one of your debts -- that's great!

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