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 Post subject: Re: Alice's Journey
PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:44 pm 

Joined: Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:10 pm
Posts: 15
So my original goals were unrealistic. The good news is that my health is stable and I only have to do 6 month checkups with my GP. (I also have do checkups every months with a dermatologist after another doctor advised I get some moles checked out, but a $50 copay every 6 months is a LOT better than potentially getting a cancerous mole and not knowing for a while.) The even better news is that my job has extended my contract for another 6 months (until end of September) -- kinda. I haven't signed the new contract paper yet but they've asked me to stay after initially saying they couldn't afford me, so I can't see that they'd go back on their word, and I'm almost positive my salary will stay the same or improve -- I can't see them bringing it down, since that's just not really done. Being hopeful until I see the paperwork. Staying at my job means my phone keeps getting paid for, I keep getting health insurance, and they pay for half of the convenient but expensive gym so I can pay a reasonable fee (about $30/mo, same as the not-expensive gyms) and keep going several times a week.

I talked with my representative at the place where I have my investments and moved some money around, so my current situation is:

+$1969.32 monthly paycheck direct deposit*
+$60 (or more) side business
$499 rent
~$100 utilities**
~$100 gas
~$100 food
$55 student loan (paid $740/$5000; 4.5% interest)
$330 car loan (paid $3040/12280); 0% interest)
$103.17 car expenses
$415 Roth IRA
$267.15 everything else

$15,000 in emergency
$70.83 in other savings
~$28,000 Roth IRA
~$22,000 investment

2012 Goals

$5000 in 2012 Roth IRA (currently $830/$5000)
pay off student loan, doing as much as possible on own and dipping into savings if necessary
earn more money each month in my side business

*This is what appears in my account. It doesn't take into account taxes, my health insurance premium, 5% of my salary going into my 403(b), my half of the gym fee, or money to my HSA -- those are taken out before the paycheck is deposited.
** I budget more now for utilities because we got cable, which I'm going to ask my roommates to cancel because no one watches it enough to have it, and because of winter heating.

I started the car expenses savings account last month. I'm putting in it any money I get from work reimbursing me for mileage. I'm also putting $103.17 in it each month. This is my estimate (based off of the yearly amount for each divided by 12) for a monthly amount for AAA, car insurance, and property tax, so when those come due I can pay them.

I have $4900/$5000 in my 2011 Roth IRA right now. I'll put the last $100 in after my credit card rewards are redeemable in a couple of days -- I can only put them into certain types of accounts, including an IRA, so I decided that was the best place for them. My goal is to max out the IRA again this year.

The emergency account is so big since my job situation is unstable -- I wanted around a year's worth of expenses. It's actually in the same bank account as the other savings, which are currently unspecified but going to get specified soon. At the same time, if I can't pay off the student loan on my own, I'll use that money to do some of it. It's a situation dealing with my family I'd rather not discuss that caused this.

The investment money is in bonds, since there's a good chance I'll go get a masters in the next several years so I don't want to deal with the overall stock market, and I'm already saving close to 20% of my income in retirement accounts.

My side business is currently bringing in $60/month steady, and I'd like to bump it up. My issue is that I'm doing online work, and most people say to get people to hire you online do things like connect with them on social networks. Except that what I do is manage business accounts on social networks for some individuals who don't have any of that background or don't have time for it. So they can't really be reached that way, and I'm not sure that just finding them online (most of them have websites, although they're often old) and sending cold emails offering my services is legal -- anyone know?

I'm not super interested in paying off the car loan early. It would be nice, but since I'm paying my parents back with no interest and I don't have to pay them if I lose my job, it's not a high priority.

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