my story

Have you paid off your debt? Managed to save for your dream home? Had an awesome investment pan out? Share your personal finance success stories here.

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my story

Postby webb » Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:04 am

G'day guys!

I was wondering if my story was a success or not ?

Im not sure why but late last year i decided I wanted to be out of debt, and start saving. but i had another problem, I wanted a new job.

At the time i was about 8k in debt, 2k in credit card debt. So not too much :)

To pay off the 8k I sold my car, this payed off most of it, the rest I paid off weekly, same with my credit card. I had to go back to school to get education for my new job, which i did and passed. Today was my last day. ( six months full time, I worked part time on the side)

So my situation is now, I have a great job in the field i studied, but the pay is less! I have zero debt and thats great.

in 2011 I want to buy a house, but it seems like it will be impossible ? is that what everyone feels at some stage ?


I have saved 7Grand in the last six months, lots of it being money that people owed me.

I think most people on here are from the US, im from tasmania :)

this is the type of house i want click me ----> ... 1259928233

something i can fix up

end rant, I rant alot, often dont make sense
Another day, Another Dollar.

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Postby dtr » Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:03 pm

You've certainly been successful at getting out of debt. New challenges and goals await, but you can take a few minutes to pat yourself on the back. Great job!

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Postby webb » Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:00 am

Thank you,

It seems that it will take forever to save enough for a good deposit on a house. That what gets me down. I can save around AU$1000 a month. I want about $30 000 maybe less. Not sure yet but I want more than 10% of what I borrow from the bank thats for sure.

hmmm sigh.
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Re: my story

Postby irishtom » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:54 am

I Webb, dont get yourself down. You've done a great job over the recent past at knocking down your debts. Whats more, youo've managed to save 7K too. That is not have bad my friend. I dont know what property prices are like over your way (I live in Ireland) but for a starter home, you could do worse. The outside doesn't look great, which is a bonus if you think about it. But the inside looks habitable. You can do it up over time. I wasn't a DIYer before I bought my first houose, but thorugh research and doing jobs slowly and planning the steps, I am now a fairly dab hand at it.

Like this site says, get rich slowly. Dont expect too much of yourself. Life is not a sprint.

Best of luck,


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