A line in the sand

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A line in the sand

Postby 4and20blackbirds » Thu Oct 18, 2007 11:00 am

So, this success story has to do with getting started, with saying "enough" and drawing line in the sand. We moved to Nashville earlier this year so I could take my dream job, which I absolutely love. And it pays well, too. But, we came here with approximately 44k in student loans and then managed to go from $5k in credit card debt to, and I'm embarrassed to admit this, $33k. The bulk of that came from maintaining two separate households since I came up here first for two months. And then we bought a house. Which we love. And which sucks up half of my take home pay. Ouch.

So, in July I decided to check Dave Ramsey's website to see about taking an FPU course, since we already had the materials. Lo and behold, the man himself was making a new edition and was going to be teaching it live over a period of two weeks. We signed up, attended all the sessions, got fired up, and. . . did nothing for two months while we enjoyed the rest of the summer.

In September we finally decided to sit down and work out our zero based budget. Well, to our "surprise", or more realistically, our chagrin, there in black and white was the fact that we were upside down every single month. Not good. Seeing that negative figure did it for us and we got on the program double-time!

So far we've: got the budget, stopped using credit cards, and, most importantly, I've taken a second job throwing newspapers in the (very) early morning. But it fits in well with my day job and pays well for the hours required, though I'm going to track expenses such as fuel for a few months to make sure. In the meantime, we're going to continue to refine and tighten the budget and make sure we have time for each other, too.

I have to say that motivation is the key for doing this and GRS helps immensely in that regard, as does downloading Ramsey's show everyday to listen to while I roll and throw papers.

Next up: setting up the debt snowball and starting with a bang from newspaper money, plus the cash that should have been going to pay expenses, but instead sat in our account while we used credit cards. Ugh.

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