My 4 Steps to Staying Debt Free in 2007

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Postby Daedala » Fri Mar 14, 2008 10:04 am

Anne wrote:I'm not so much bothered by the OP advocating stealing music as a means of saving money (though I am a little bothered by it), but I find it kind of ironic that he characterizes it as an issue of pride. As if it's a bad thing that people pay for music because they are "too proud" (read: have too much integrity) to steal it.

Integrity is for conformists.

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Postby Nottheangel » Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:04 pm

however, Netflix has a cheap plan that allows you to have tons of movies and tv shows delivered right to your computer. It's awesome, cause I can watch my shows without dealing with advertising.

Also, there are lots of very cheap ways to get music. offers album downloads for .99 cents a song, with previews so you can make sure you're only downloading things you like (how many times in the past did I spend money on a whole album only to find out I only like a couple songs?). Many bands offer free songs on their websites as well.

I'm not advocating illegal practices, but I think that getting into a moral debate does sort of over-shadow what is some decent advice. There are many cheaper ways to get tv shows, music, software (shareware is generally opensource and often free or very very cheap), and movies. It just takes some research. And you don't have to break the law.

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Postby Laurah » Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:58 pm

I am probably going to get flogged for this, but one of my very few luxuries is a refurbished Zune. For the price of one cd a month, I get as many albums as I care to download, entirely legally. Given that I used to spend twice that at used cd places and renting at my local library, it is a net savings for me--- and I don't have to deal with the clutter of jewel cases.

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