Make extra money (bitcoin) everyday - Full guide - No investment

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Make extra money (bitcoin) everyday - Full guide - No investment

Postby isellodo » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:10 am

What is BTCclicks?

BTCclicks is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.
Advertisers buy ads and BTCclicks deliver these ads to your account. BTCclicks allows you to grow, gaining every day more money. You just need some minutes per day, 5-10 minutes is enough.
BTCclicks was launched in 2013 and until know in 2017 it's paying with no problem.

It's a good idea if you want to start playing with bitcoin but don't want to make any investment.

Step 1 (Registration) = Register and create and account <-- register link, register under my referal link win-win situation, i win you win. And i really appreciate it :)
Step 2. Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click, so check in often.
Step 3. Transfer the money from your main balance to your rental balance and rent referals.
Step 4. Maintain your referrals and recycle the ones that have an average below 2 or haven’t clicked in 7 days.
Step 5. Buy more referrals when you can (This is every 7 days as a standard member).
Step 6. If you want you can cash out as soon as you hit 0.1mBTC but if you want bigger gains i advise you to NOT doing that in the beginning because any of the mBTC that you gain in your main balance as this is used for buying more referrals and maintaining them.
Step7. When you accumulate enough upgrade to gold/premiun and win the DOUBLE from your rented referals and from your clicks!
step8. This way you can accumulate large amounts and now is a good idead to start cashing out! PROFIT *.* !!!! If you can register under my referal, you don't lose anything and i really appreciate it, Good gains :)

Remember that at the beginning you will not earn much money, you have to have patience.
Personally i'm doing this and it's working

All the best :D

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