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Re: Buying quality

Postby Mario » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:04 pm

Perhaps. Sometimes, when I hear people saying that they buy "quality," or buy things that are "built to last," it's really them trying to justify wanting to have nice stuff (As an aside, I have no problem with people wanting nice stuff).

This conversation came up with my roommate the other day. My roommate and I each recently replaced our laptops; she spent $1300 and I spent $600. I was shocked at hearing her price, to which she replied that she spent less in the long run because hers was "built to last." We continued the discussion and, setting 2007 as a starting point, added up how much we'd each spent on computers. In that time, I'd owned four laptops which I had spent $400, $200 (A refurb to replace the $400 machine when it was stolen), $300, and $300, on. She had purchased two laptops spending $1300 and $1200. In other words, just one of her laptops cost more than all four of my prior purchases. At no point in those six years was I hurting for computing power.

Granted, during that time, she had a much shinier, much more trendy laptop. Oh well :)

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