Retiring to Europe permanently discussion

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Retiring to Europe permanently discussion

Postby Masterlandlord » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:56 am

A forum member asked in my own thread about retiring to some warmer countries in Europe.
Slovenia and Croatia are perhaps not so warm countries compared to the rest here.

Unfortunately I only know about Finland and Sweden in northern Europe. Finland English
language skills are very high beaten by UK and America of course but Finland wins in English language
skills these warmer countries. Same can be said for Sweden and the people in Sweden generally speak
and understand English well.
Finland and Sweden climate can be compared to Canada. Living costs in Finland and Sweden well less then some very expensive USA city or very expensive Canada city. However I would not say living costs are cheap in Finland and Sweden. Renting apartments in Finland and Sweden does not cost nearly so much if you compare to say New York.

I have lived for more then 2,5 years in Sweden myself working there so anyone claiming I don't
know Sweden are wrong! I speak fluently Finnish, Swedish and English. My German language skills
are at basic level.

Use google and find etc... about living costs and life. I have never been in these countries the forum member asked about:
"Italy/Spain/Slovenia/Croatia/Portugal". I have been in Greece that the forum member mentioned.

+ It does not cost so much now....
+ Greece has great history Temples and stuff like that.
+ Many Greece people can speak English. More English in Greece then say Italy or Spain in would think so.
Neutral: Greece right nationalistic people attack immigrants and there is violence (not attack retires from USA or tourists I speak example attack immigrants from Africa or Middle East ... no NAZI party, but you do know right nationalistic politics people?
It mean there is a bit violence and disturbance in the Greece. The bottom line Greece economics
are in downfall and that is why people are angry and unhappy. When Greece people que for food and have no money then mentality is why should they help poor immigrants?
- Greece is going down in Europe with money and work... there are lot of people who don't have not much money and are sorry for that. Many people in Greece leave Greece because they can not find work in Greece anymore.
Croatia... can be tough .. many don't want to speak English or can not speak English well and Croatia is perhaps not so welcoming and open in culture... but generally I consider Croatia roughly ok, but know very little about living in Croatia.
Spain and Portugal sounds fairly good I think... but I don't know so much about them and they are proud of their own language and English skill differs very much. Italy it is tough when you meet so many people that don't want to speak English.

Slovenia? It is a mystery to even me and I really don't know much about that country and I consider roughly ok and use google to find out.

Generally I know where little much about these countries, but I can tell that in this in alfabetic order
Italy, Portugal and Spain the national sport that is most popular is football (European soccer). I know that
and like to watch football (soccer).

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Re: Retiring to Europe permanently discussion

Postby jdmartin » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:26 am

Ha! That was me that asked! Thanks for the thread. I hope to see others post on here.

I speak some Spanish and understand some Italian, so I don't think I'd have a tough learning curve there even with the areas that don't speak any English. I'm not sure how I'd make out in Greece or Croatia if I was in a non-English speaking area.

There are lots of places in Europe I'd love to check out, including your own country; I just don't think I could handle the winters. I already dislike the winter where I live, and I'm in the Southern US.
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