Thank you for this site...

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Thank you for this site...

Postby chapds » Wed May 02, 2007 7:02 am


My name is Chap & live in Southern California. I'm recently seperated from my wife. One of my biggest dreams in my life was to to buy a house, but she would never let me. Since we are seperated & getting divorced ( no, she isn't mean or we arent getting along, i'm just not that good of a husband, i can admit it ), I placed a bid on a condo a couple days ago. Yaayyy for me, it got accepted. I'm getting a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car attached garage condo in a good area for 300,000 ( which, for those who live in socal, know that this is a good deal ). Because of your site & ideas, i've dumped some of my credit cards & signed up for a cash back credit card. I dont know why i never thought of that before. I'm going to put all my bills on it & just keep paying them as i go. I have to get something back right, as my mortgage is going to be about 2200 ( interest only for 7 years locked at 5.25 ). That simple idea on the card is helping me make this all possible. My parents have also agreed ( i'm almost 36, so i had to swallow my pride & ask ) to pay off my harley & let me owe them. Good people. I just wanted to say thanks again & look forward to hearing some other money saving tips/trends from you guys...


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