Quicken hacks?

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Quicken hacks?

Postby jdroth » Mon May 07, 2007 9:17 am

More help for a future entry:

I've compiled a list of 24 Quicken hacks, but I'd like more. These include things like "how to import MS Money files" and "date shortcuts" and "tracking airline miles in Quicken". Basically, any little Quicken tips and tricks I could find. I thought there'd be more out there, but all I could find were 24 of them. The article's ready to go, but I'm holding off while I do more research.

If you know of any good Quicken hacks, please post them here.

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Postby oeolycus » Wed May 09, 2007 4:35 pm

Hmm, mine aren't exactly hacks, but good habits.
    1. Make sure you delete (use Eraser, not just empty recycle bin) every downloaded statement. Or bundle the whole program inside a TrueCrypt VD. They usually contain ALL account information and are unencrypted (unlike the program itself). They are HUGE security risks.

    2. Double-Entry Accounting. Quicken does a really bad job of this. Categorize EVERYTHING! With a credit card statement, it's easy, but if you withdraw $50 from an ATM, make note of your purchases ($5 coffee, $25 groceries, $5 Hustler, etc.). Don't let Quicken just oblivionize that money into some obscure category, "Cash", "Misc", or the worst, "Uncategorized."
Double-Entry Accounting just means for every withdrawal there is another deposit or expenditure. Thus a $50 cash withdrawal moves money from BANK -> CASH, and is CASH until re-deposited or spent on some categorized expenditure.

Warning: This can be a very tedious job if you have a 401k or brokerage account within Quicken. Quick fix is to just ignore those accounts when looking at most financial reports you can make Quicken generate.[/list]

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