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Re: Long Term Plan

Postby Champion1229 » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:38 pm

Thank you everyone for all the advice. I totally forgot about this thread until I got an email today saying there was activity! I looked back at all the praising posts and smiled! Sincerely from me to all of you, Thank you! I'm so glad there are users such as yall on forums like this that are so knowledgable and helpful!

Since my last post I have successfully completed over 15 credits before my Sophomore year even began and I have fulfilled all of the special requirements required to graduate! This is my last year at pre-collegiate and I am looking forward to starting the actual collegiate program next year at PSC!

As far as money goes, I started a teen checking account at MidFlorida which gives me a debit card for emergencies only :) , online banking, and they automatically gave me $77 after 5 transactions. I left those bonds as they were and put them away for when I start pursuing my Bachelors degree! I've started saving as much money as I can into my saving account and as soon as I get enough money in there, I want to take advantage of MidFlorida's College Saving Certificates.

Thanks Again Everyone :)

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Re: Long Term Plan

Postby YoungGun » Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:45 am

Champion its good you are thinking so early about this stuff. As many have said, i would focus on getting thru college with as little to no debt as possible. The program you are joining sounds awesome, wish we had one here when i went through (although i did get 6 credits for college through a semi-like program, but very limited options, with a max of like 9 credits, and only 3 transferred to my university.)

On top of scholarships, if you are a social person I would recommend organizations/student bodies possibly. The student bodies at many schools actually will pay for a large chunk of your classes (when i was in it here, i got 12 credits a semester paid for) and they may even pay you on top of that (our positions ranged from 200 a month up to about 1400.) Also looks great on applications, specially if you can get someone in your field of interest (example, I'm in IT and ran their website for two years.)

On top it helping pay for things, you will meet some great people through it, but with who you work, and at all the events you will put on (I met my possibly to be soon wife this way.)

As for retirement, this would be the next thing i would focus on. You want to sure up college first, but a ROTH IRA can almost never be started too soon (after debt/security is taken care of.) The account has a limit on it that you will eventually find yourself hating. Thus if you can start putting money in it sooner, you can start cashing in on that yearly limit. Plus, there are countless examples of how you could put in money in the next few years, and stop at 28 and that account will grow bigger then someone that starts at 28 and puts in the same amount yearly till 65.

Hope everything goes well for you, and if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to drop by the forums. Even though some of our names make little to no sense (how long with DH being doing homework?!) some of us have some good insight to these things. But be weary, anyone with a get rich quick scheme or put all your money into "x" (x being a certain stock or company) I would basically turn away and walk away shacking your head.

Good luck in your ventures!

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Re: Long Term Plan

Postby Kate1 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:59 pm

Shaun wrote:I wish I had this much sense when I was 15.

I wish I had this much sense when I was 25, lol. Good job!

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